Photo: Mira Helenius Martinsson


at Västernorrlands museum


at Härnösands konsthall

TEMPEST by Stella Blanc & Hector Palacios

Work in progress

GLACIER by Helena Franzén

Work in progress


at Västernorrlands museum

Photo exhibition

at Västernorrlands museum

iLYoung, iLDance's Junior Company has started 1,5 weeks ago.

An amazing yearly summer project by Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni.

They are once again in residence at Härnösands folkhögskola, a great honor for NEFCD.

Magic happens in this project and in the studio over and over again.

The work this year:

Skin Issues by Israel Aloni together with the amazing dancers

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We will keep you updated about a in process sharing during the 5 weeks.

Photos: @leebrummer

By the end of the school year it is time to offer the warmest congratulations to our students having been accepted to the following educations:

Accepted to

The Danish National School of Performing Arts- Dance and Choreography: 

Tilda, Tinkara, Manuel, Gustav and Wilma.

Manufacture in Lausanne- BA Dance: 


NSCD in Leeds, accepted to the second study year: 


PERA School of Performing Arts in Cyprus: 


and accepted to the second study year: Ianthe.

IDA, Institute of Dance Arts in Linz:

Manuel and Tinkara.

Artesis AP school of arts BA Dance in Antwerp:

Wilma and Ianthe.

Näste by Danielle Dietz (work in progress)

Come and watch us perform, April 3 till 7 in our new studio

at Härnösands Folkhögskola.

Premiere April 2.

Come and watch us perform, April 2 till 7 in our new studio at Härnösands Folkhögskola.

Gathering of Flowers by Valtteri Keinänen and Beljana Metje.

Week 7 we met Helena Franzén and Håkan Jelk for an intensive workshop Dance for Screen.

Every Thursday we have open house: everyone can meet us anytime of the day  online and follow our classes or workshops.

All you need to do is write us an email to latest on the Wednesday before with the title:

Request to join online

and we will send you a link to the online meeting plus a schedule for the day.

Liza Tegel in her first workshop this school year, developing her solo practice for group. February 2023 Liza will return and continue her work with us.

Valtteri Keinänen with his Morning Practice and workshops evolving around group improvisations, rhythm, musicality and instant composition.

Israel Aloni spent a week with us in September sharing the I.ALONI EXPERIENCE
It has been a rich and wondrous week, the experience to be continued in everyones work.