The teachers

The Teachers Team consists of Danielle Dietz (Contemporary, Ballet, Improvisation, Composition, Choreographer, Theoretical topics), Ian Butler (Graham, Contemporary, Contact improvisation, Choreographer and Rehearsal director), Marja Bennet ( Alexander technique and practical anatomy) and Anne-Sophie Chrobok (strength and cardio), Mathieu Hebeisen (camera course).

The teachers Team form a support group around the students:

The team discusses as a group as well as together with the students on a weekly basis the extra needs for the students mental and physical wellbeing.

From there we can decide for the students to get support and guidance from a mentor (Marja Bennet, Mathieu Hebeisen, Danielle Dietz) or the school's curator. Even extra Alexander Technique sessions or physiotherapy with Anne-Sophie is offered.

If the student needs further support we will help to find support outside of the school's program.

NEW for the study year starting 2023

A three-year project with three house-practitioners who will be closely connected to the program. They will meet the students on a regular basis in the form of research, workshops and creations.

The three house-practitioners for the years 2023-2026 will be:

Photo: Hedda Axelsson

Photo: Mira Helenius Martinsson

The dancers

New Education for Contemporary Dance program

Vera, 22, Finland

I have graduated as a dancer from Tampere Conservatoire and am now continuing my studies at NEFCD.
Contemporary dance is my biggest interest, but I also have a diverse background with different techniques, such as Urban dance styles.
During the winter I like to go snowboarding, and I am not a big fan of warm weather.

Rebeka, 18, Slovenia

I attended a contemporary dance high school and am currently studying at NEFCD.
My main interest in dance is in creation.
I burn almost every meal and take a nap during lunch break

Homeyra, 35, Iran

I am a first year student at NEFCD.

I started to learn contemporary dance in Attakkalari center of movements in India in 2018. Then I came to Sweden to learn more and also in another way.
Since I am interested to learn about myself through the body I found this program is really interesting for me.

Rut, 23, Israel

I started dancing when I was 14 at the Jerusalem Dance Art Center and last year I
graduated from the Vertigo profession training program in Jerusalem.
I came to Sweden to expend my perspectives on dance and to see the snow.

Eva, 19, Slovenia

This is my first year studying at NEFCD in Härnösand. 
I graduated from contemporary dance high schooI.
In Härnösand I developed a love for going to the sauna and then dipping into the snow.

Rita, 20, Sweden

First year student at NEFCD.
Growing up I danced classical ballet and before coming to Härnösand I worked as a
barista and took contemporary dance classes in Stockholm.
Apart from dance I have an interest in art and literature.

Zala, 19, Slovenia

Growing up I took dance classes of contemporary and ballet.
This is my first year at NEfCD.
Before I attended a contemporary dance high school.
Apart from dance I have an interest in various hand crafts.

SPRING program

Sara, 23, France

I joined the SPRING program at NEFCD in February 2024 to expand my style dance and discover a new way to express myself.

I began dance at 6 years old with jazz then added other styles like ballet and hip-hop. Before studying dance full time, I completed a master degree in chemistry with an AI specialty.

Anna, 22, Germany

I am a first year student at NEFCD.
In Germany I have completed a degree in movement education and dance in social work. Besides dancing I like to spend my weekends in Härnösand with long walks in the nature and baking.

Lana, 20, Slovenia

I have attended a contemporary dance high school and am now at NEFCD full program
for the second year.
I enjoy improvisation and love the freeing feeling that it brings me.
I read a joke every day when I wake up to start a day with a smile.

Karolina, 19, Poland

I am a second year student at the NEFCD program.
Improvisation brings me the most joy in dance.
I love poetry of the 20th century.

Bernadett, 20, Hungary

I joined the SPRING program at NEFCD in January 2024. If my thinking about my 20 years of my life, dance was always there. Alone, with friends/family or with totally strangers. I love to feel the first rays of the sun on my face or to float on the water of the sea on a warm summer evening.

Irina, 20, Russia

I joined the SPRING program at NEFCD in January 2024.
I have 13 years of dancing experience.
I started as multidisciplinary dancer and explored many styles.
During university studies I gained dance and choreographic experience, not only with dancers, but also aerobic and artistic gymnasts.
I viewed dance from aesthetic sport perspective. Now in this program I am combining the whole previous experience and want to add strong technical foundation for future development. I believe dance is much more than just art, it helps me to express something that words can’t say. Dance is body and soul language, ability to speak such language cures both.

LAB program

Sofia, 29, Russia

I am a graduated theater director. Inspired by the combination of dance, theater and
Crazy about Thom Yorke’s music.

Mentorship program

Anya, 26, Russia

This is my second year at the NEFCD program.
I graduated in choreography art from Omsk State University by F.M. Dostoevskiy in Siberia.
I am passionate about contact improvisation, somatic practices, and Ashtanga yoga.
During my studies in Sweden, I created the video art "LEGS AND LOVE" and completed
two internship projects in The Netherlands: "TEMPER" by Sarah Prescimone and in Denmark "SLEEPWALKERS" by Mute Dance Company and La Macana dance project.
I aim to further my knowledge in dance and explore contemporary art in Europe.