The teachers

The Teachers Team consists of Danielle Dietz (Contemporary, Ballet, Improvisation, Composition, Choreographer, Theoretical topics), Ian Butler (Graham, Contemporary, Contact improvisation, Choreographer and Rehearsal director), Marja Bennet ( Alexander technique and practical anatomy) and Anne-Sophie Chrobok (strength and cardio), Mathieu Hebeisen (camera course).

The teachers Team form a support group around the students:

The team discusses as a group as well as together with the students on a weekly basis the extra needs for the students mental and physical wellbeing.

From there we can decide for the students to get support and guidance from a mentor (Marja Bennet, Mathieu Hebeisen, Danielle Dietz) or the school's curator. Even extra Alexander Technique sessions or physiotherapy with Anne-Sophie is offered.

If the student needs further support we will help to find support outside of the school's program.

NEW for the study year starting 2023

A three-year project with three house-practitioners who will be closely connected to the program. They will meet the students on a regular basis in the form of research, workshops and creations.

The three house-practitioners for the years 2023-2026 will be:

Photo: Hedda Axelsson

Photo: Mira Helenius Martinsson

The dancers

Wilma, 20, Sweden

Graduated from Lugnet high school in 2021. Wilma was a part of Ilyoung the summer of 2022 and will join again this year. She is a second year student at NEfCD.

Tinkara, 20, Slovenia

She is studying her second year with us. Before, she specialized in contemporary dance at high school. In the year 2014 to 2021, she attended the national competition for young dance artists Opus One.

Valeria, 21 Mexico

She graduated in 2022 with a dance diploma in Canada. She has come to Härnösand in 2022 to continue her journey with contemporary dance in Europe

Manuel, 24, Spain

He studied dance at the Carmen Centra as well as the Royal Conservatory Mariemma in Madrid. He has worked with the inclusive theatre company Vertebradas Company. Music is another specialty of Manuel and he is a first year student.

Minna, 19, Sweden

She specialized in dance at high school. In 2021 she was the winner of the national competition of Skapa Dans. She studies with us for the first year.

Mariia, 21, Russia

Graduated from the Moscow College of the arts as a contemporary dancer. She has worked as a dancer for the company "Tous les corps". Mariia wants to study contemporary dance in Europe and work here in the future. She came to study at NEfCD in August 2022.

Gustav, 23, Denmark

He is a first year student. Before coming to Sweden, he danced in Copenhagen, taking classes and parttaking in smaller dance projects.

Tilda, 21, Sweden

She graduated from Lugnet high school in Falun. In her second year now with NEfCD, she is studying dance in the independent scene in Berlin with NEfCD as her base and mentor.

Nikki, 21, Greece

She has been dancing since she was 16. This is her first year in Sweden.

Ana, 25, Siberia

Ana has graduated with a BA in contemporary dance from the Dostojevski University. She joined us the summer of 2022, discovering the European Contemporary field of Dance.

Ianthe, 21, The Netherlands

She danced since the age of 8 and in 2020/21 she followed the Five O'clock project in Amsterdam as a preparational dance course for higher educations. Ianthe trained gyrotonics with Alina Jacobs. Ianthe studies with us for the second year.

Lovisa, 19, Sweden

She studied dance at Anderstorps high school and was a part of Dansväxthuset between 2019 and 2022. This is a project for yound dance artists in Skellefteå. Lovisa studies with us since the summer of 2022.

Lana, 19, Slovenia

She is a first year student. Before coming to Sweden, she studied dance at high school in the department for contemporary dance.

Ana Luiza, 24, Brazil

She is a second year student at NEfCD. Ana Luiza has a BA in dance education and is currently deepening her knowledge of contemporary dance.

Karolina, 18, Poland

In Poland, she took dance lessons at side of her schoolprogram. This is Karolina's first year with us at NEfCD.

Luiza, 21, Brazil

Luiza studies with us since September 2021 and is a second year student at NEFCD.