Course objective

The program will give you the best possible conditions for continuing with your career in the dance field.

Today’s dancefield needs dancers that are independent artists (dancer/maker): 

-Artists that are equipped with tools to support a creative process with a                

choreographer (both on a technical and on a creative level).

-Artists that are equipped with tools to create their own works.

-Artists that are equipped with tools to reflect and discuss around the field of contemporary dance in relation to the arts and to our surrounding world.

In the program the young dancer also gets help with contacts to higher education in and outside of Sweden.

Photo: Pawel Iwanow

Course content

  • Contemporary dance
  • Graham
  • Ballet
  • Improvisation
  • Contact improvisation
  • Improjam
  • Composition
  • Alexander technique
  • Producing with guest choreographers
  • Producing own works
  • Theme blocks: Dance and Film, Gaga, Partner work, Acrobatics,
  • Physical training: Injury prevention (Pain Free, Stretch), Strength and  Cardio, Cardio boxing
  • Theoretical topics: Dance terminology, Dance history, Practical Anatomy, Goal book work, Contemporary Arts Analys

Photo: Ana Luiza Renner